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Sample word

a kind of small drum ; turu

Introduction to the dictionary

This is a trilingual dictionary listing approximately 2,500 Cicipu headwords together with their meanings in English and Hausa. Most words have audio examples composed, recorded, and transcribed by Cicipu speaker Markus Yabani, and many are illustrated with photos.

The dictionary was compiled by Stuart McGill and Markus Yabani, although we had the help of many other Cicipu speakers. Speakers who provided the examples used in the dictionary are listed in the section of the website.

See the for more details.

A print version of the dictionary is available from the main Cicipu website.

Technical details

An earlier version of the Cicipu dictionary was available online for several years, in a lightly-edited Lexique Pro format. This new website is based on Admin LTE templates, which in turn are built using the Bootstrap framework for CSS and JavaScript. This should mean that the website works well on smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
The HTML is generated by an MVC5 ASP.Net 4.6.1 project, developed using Visual Studio 2015. Entity Framework 6 is used for access to the SQL Server database. The database structure is heavily-influenced by SIL's MDF template (see Making Dictionaries by David Coward and Charles Grimes).

The main lexicographic tool used to prepare the dictionary was Toolbox. The example sentences were recorded, transcribed, and translated into Hausa using WeSay. This was done by importing the Toolbox lexicon into WeSay, and then afterwards merging the WeSay XML back into Toolbox.

The next task was to set up an SQL Server database and then import the data from the Cicipu Toolbox project, which, in addition to basic lexical data, included links to sound and image files as well as information on the contributors of examples.

This export process was performed by using a specially-written C# application which read the XML produced by the Toolbox export and built up the SQL Server database accordingly.

Note that Toolbox is still used as the master database for the dictionary. An older version of the Cicipu Toolbox project is available from the Endangered Languages Archive, for the latest version please contact Stuart McGill.