Traditional folktales are still remembered but rarely told now.
Cicipu only

Following the orthography workshop in April 2010, several folktales have been published in the Cicipu language. You can download and print them by clicking on the links below, or contact the Cicipu Language Project in Tungan Kaɗe for printed copies.

Koyokoyo (Amos Bako)

Copycat Read 14 pages
Kakkaci ka-mawãa

Kakkaci ka-mawãa (Amos Bako)

Spider's bitch Read 26 pages
Kabiki ka-kkungwa

Kabiki ka-kkungwa (Amos Bako)

Festival in the sky Read 10 pages

Ku'øpu (Amos Bako)

Fiancée Read 9 pages

Kulaci ku-titiimbø̃ (Amos Bako)

The chewing-gum girl Read 10 pages

Inlavu (Ayuba Sani)

Sleepy Read 9 pages

Ukaɓanuuni (Ayuba Sani)

Stuck Read 12 pages
Na ɗaya

Na ɗaya (Ayuba Sani)

Who's the greatest? Read 9 pages
Muu m-moni

Muu m-moni (Markus Yabani)

The water babies Read 7 pages
Monkey woman

Kkaa nna visizino-zino vøømø (Markus Yabani)

The woman who changed into a monkey Read 7 pages