Cicipu writing system

The first Cicipu orthography workshop was held in Sakaba on Saturday 3rd April 2010, hosted by the Sarkinƙasa (the secular chief) of the Acipu of Kebbi State. Over 170 people responded to the Sarkinƙasa's invitation to discuss options for writing the language.

The meeting was a success and a preliminary agreement was reached on all the major issues discussed in the orthography proposal.

This agreement has been the basis for the materials produced by the Cicipu Language Project and others. In practice the writing system is a "work in progress", with refinements necessary as more material is produced in the language.

In particular, a second orthography workshop was held at Tungan Kaɗe from 11th-14th April 2016, attended by Bible translators, literacy workers, and others. Sixteen advanced principles of writing Cicipu were agreed.

Orthography proposal

Initial proposal

How to read and write in Cicipu for those who can already read Hausa Read (English) Read (Hausa)

First workshop

Photos from the first Cicipu orthography workshop held in Sakaba, April 2010 View
Advanced principles

Apitaatu hiidana yiCicipu

Principles of writing Cicipu (agreed at the 2nd orthography workshop) Read

Second workshop

Photos from the second Cicipu orthography workshop held in Tungan Kaɗe, April 2016 View