These videos were recorded between 2007 and 2011. Most have Subtitles in English (and sometimes Hausa), which can be activated by clicking on CC once the video starts.


The Kezzeme beating festival, part of a Cicipu boy's initiation into manhood
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Past times

Tenii Magaji (1930?-2011) interviewed by Mohammed Mallam, her grandson

Captain Biggs' grave

Captain Norman Biggs of the British army was killed near Sakaba by a poisoned dart in 1908. Here is an alternative account of his death by Markus Yabani.
Subtitles Captain Biggs

Christian songs

Cicipu songs sung by people from the churches in Inguwan Ali and Kantimi. The drummer is Babangida Ɗanjuma.

Children's games

Games played by the children of Inguwar Rogo near Korisino. The woman teaching the girls is Tontono Ɗanjuma. The master of ceremonies is Markus Yabani.

Marriage stones, Korisino

Before a young Risino man or woman marries, they must prove their strength by lifting one of these stones above their head - a traditional practice which is still followed. Musa mai Unguwa from Inguwar Rogo in action.